Healthcare, like education,
is a fundamental human right.

In order to salvage today’s public over-bureaucratized and rigid Primary Healthcare Service, an intense effort is needed to develop a new concept for Community orientated Primary Health Care. This effort has to focus on the needs of the population to reverse the excessive decline in life expectancy in predominantly disadvantaged communities, and contribute to create better Health for ALL.

Simunye Primary Healthcare (SPHC) established it’s first Medical Centre in a disadvantaged area in Mitchell’s Plain in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, Western Cape. The second Medical Centre is located in Three Anchor Bay, Atlantic Seaboard, in Cape Town on the same principles of Equity, Access and Affordability.

The SPHC concept is directed, but not restricted, towards the large numbers of the medically uninsured population to provide Community orientated Primary Health Care as a solution for equitable, accessible, and affordable Quality Healthcare. Simunye Primary Healthcare (SPHC) is located within an area of need, within the Community, and with close access to transport. Health Education is a strong focus within Simunye Healthcare. A Lecture room and a Meeting / Community Boardroom are available for Health Information, for Learning and Training of Community members and Community workers.
Patients are educated about prevailing Health conditions, Prevention, Treatment and Management.


Irrespective of whether the patient has Health Insurance (Medical Aid) or not, patients are offered Medical service in a dignified environment, comparable to those in more affluent settings. In other words, at Simunye Primary Healthcare, low- to middle-income-earners are offered upper-income-earner‘s Healthcare, at prices they can afford.


Access is provided 365 days per year, opening times are 8am to 8pm. At Simunye Primary Healthcare, essential generic medication is dispensed, further reducing costs. Doctors at Simunye Health Care are Family Practitioners, focusing on Primary Healthcare. Some Doctors have specialized skills in HIV and TB Management, Public Health, and Emergency Medicine. Additionally, the services of a Clinical Nurse Practitioner, of Counsellors and Community workers as well as affordable Pathology and Optometry are available close by. Simunye Health Care is equipped to meet all primary Healthcare needs, from Immunization against preventable infectious diseases, Family Planning, HIV testing, Counselling and Management, TB screening, to Ultrasound, ECG, Nebulisation, and Emergencies in Primary Healthcare. Circumcisions are performed for various health reasons with focus on prevention towards reducing HIV incidence. SPHC participates in the SA Department of Public Services and South African Medical Association’s (SAMA’s) Provider Initiated HIV Counselling and Testing Program (PICT).


Management costs in SPHC are kept low due to the use of top end Health Information Technology. Electronic Medical records (EMR’s) capture patient health information to assist in Health management, providing data for Health planning. The use of EMR’s, computerized prescriptions, and patient information leaflets assist in reducing medical errors and fragmentation of Data. Cash consultation fees for patients without Medical Aid membership are kept affordable and include medication. On Sundays and Public Holidays and after hours, the fees are the same as during weekdays. The out-of pocket expenses for Medical Aid patients are kept to a minimum. The SPHC model provides a Community orientated One-Stop Primary Healthcare Facility. It reduces pressure on Government Health facilities like Day Hospitals and local clinics. DSC_0234 Simunye Primary Healthcare has demonstrated its effectiveness to provide equitable, accessible, and affordable Quality Healthcare in SA. This model can be seen as a solution in the current search to improve the Primary Healthcare system in SA. In keeping with Government proposals of a NHI, the principles of SPHC are fulfilling the current unmet Health service delivery needs of disadvantaged communities in SA. SPHC offers Healthcare according to the principles of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Alma Ata Declaration: as a Fundamental Human right.